This connector will install on your engine harness to the bell crank/TPS and the cable portion of the TPS will attach to your accelerator pedal.


If you are running a 2003/2004 truck Hemi or want to run the old school automatic 3 speed transmission (727, 904, etc) then you will need the Bell Crank/TPS assembly that converts a mechnical (Drive by Cable) accelerator throttle pedal to a Drive by Wire signal that integrates with the Hemi throttle body. Keeping the mechanical throttle, allows the kick down linkage to function properly on non computer controlled transmissions.



Bell Crank/TPS Connector (2003-2004 Truck Hemi Engine or 904/727 Transmission)

SKU: DIYH-1009
    • Applications: 2003-early 2004 Truck Hemi Engines
    • Integrates with non-computer controlled automatic transmissions (904, 727, etc) to maintain kick down linkage function
    • Includes terminal pins as required
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