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(January 2021)

1. QuickHemi Plug and Play Harness - Thank you for your pre-orders! The first batch is shipping out as we speak to a few of our customers.  We expect to get another batch ready towards the end of Feb 2021.  We should be able to stock the shelves by March.  Our current list of years and models available are listed in our store, we will be working on more years and models shortly after March! 

2. Our Thermostat Spacers have arrived and have shipped out to all customers.  We found out that customers with the truck Hemi require the removal of a bolt for the spacer to fit.  We are working to get a replacement low profile bolt to use in it's place.  

3. The Low Buck Hemi Truck is scheduled to be worked on this month.  We should have the Hemi placed in it by the end of this month timeframe.  We are working to fab our own mounts if the Bouchillons don't fit as we need them to for engine placement. 

4. New video just posted up on YouTube and usually post weekly! Check em out!

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Guided wire harness build tutorials

A range of electrical connectors, kits and equipment to aid in your swap


Pushing the envelope on Hemi based engine swaps, bringing more tech to the market at a routine pace

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I purchase DIYHEMI.com products? Click here for our Swap Shop.

  • What makes/models do you support? Our products are designed to retrofit any 2003+ Gen III/IV Hemi engine into your vintage project. Late model vehicle swaps are not supported at this time.

  • Do you offer complete wiring harnesses? Not at this time. Our current wiring harnesses are our QuickHemi series. They require that you use the factory engine harness for your application. The QuickHemi simply allows the factory harness to work in standalone configuration.

  • Do you perform Hemi swaps in house? We do perform engine swaps for R&D purposes. The knowledge gained is shared with the GenIII swap community and new products are developed this way. We do not do routine installations at this time but will in the future.

  • What is the lowest cost GenIII swap engine to use? Mostly the 2003-2008 truck 5.7. They are very low cost and can run off a standard US based 2005 Dodge Ram ECM. These are the shoestring budget swaps that really pack punch with little upfront cost. Any Hemi is an excellent choice, prices may vary.

A collection of cars we've renovated with passion



DIYHEMI started out in 2015 when Blake wanted to do a Hemi swap on his 1970 ‘Cuda.  Coming from the GM LS Swap community, he was surprised to find so little information was shared among the community in the Gen3 Hemi Swap world.  He was destined to make a change and teamed up with some friends with backgrounds in automotive and engineering on a mission to develop the best Hemi Swap parts and resources at reasonable prices. 


Our mission is simple, we want to HEMI SWAP THE WORLD! No matter what you drive, if it’s a Chrysler or an import.  We want to put a Hemi in it and not cost you tens of thousands to do it if you’re willing to put in a little work in the garage.  We want to create a community where this motto is shared among all car guys and girls and just keeps growing. Thank you so much for your support !

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