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DIYHEMI started out in 2015 when Blake wanted to do a Hemi swap on his 1970 ‘Cuda.  Coming from the GM LS Swap community, he was surprised to find so little information was shared among the community in the Gen3 Hemi Swap world.  He was destined to make a change and teamed up with his long time Engineering friend, Mike, and set a mission to develop the best Hemi Swap parts and resources at reasonable prices. 


Our mission is simple, we want to HEMI SWAP THE WORLD! No matter what you drive, if it’s a Chrysler or an import.  We want to put a Hemi in it and not cost you tens of thousands to do it if you’re willing to put in a little work in the garage.  We want to create a community where this motto is shared among all car guys and girls and just keeps growing. Thank you so much for your support !

Keep on Swappin'!
-Blake & Mike

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Pink Cuda SRT-8 Project

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